Hi, my name is Tom and I am a dedicated long-time Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, passionate Yoga teacher, plant-based whole-food & healthy-living enthusiast and retiring business consultant.

On this website I want to provide tips and tools and share my experiences to help You getting started and staying focused and inspired as a successful Yoga teacher and practitioner.

Why I started teaching Yoga

I want to inspire people to live a more conscious life. I believe that only by living with more awareness in all parts of our life can we truly reach more freedom, fulfillment and happiness.

The way I try to accomplish this is by always being a student first. Over past 10 years I have studied all kinds of techniques that help lead a more conscious life: Yoga and meditation practices, various ways of healthy eating and methods for developing and keeping good habits. I studied with expert teachers, read countless books and put all these techniques into action to experience their benefits in my own life. Some techniques I kept, some I dropped ,but I learned from each and every one of them.

And now I simply share with others (rather than teach to them) what I have learned so that they can benefit from my experiences. Basing everything on experience allows me to always stay true to myself in my teaching and will attract exactly those that can relate to me and my experiences. In that sense teaching itself becomes a path for growing into a better version of myself.

Do You love Yoga, love its benefits and are eager to share it with others?

For me the answer to this questions is a definite YES! But it hasn't always been that clear. It took me years from being a dedicated practitioner while still working in my corporate job until I took the leap of faith, quit my job and started to pursue my passion of teaching Yoga (more about my yoga story). And even though I loved teaching from the start, I still continue to face new challenges and my mind keeps sending me doubts about how to build my ideal lifestyle while being of service to the Yoga community around me.

If you’re already a Yoga teacher, I hope that my experiences can help you reach your goals.

If you’re not yet a Yoga teacher but thinking about becoming one, you can see what challenges to expect on the way to live off of teaching Yoga, but that each challenge is there to learn, grow, and eventually overcome.

I don't have it all figured out, I don't have all the answers and I am still working on becoming more successful in reaching more people to benefit from Yoga. But I do know how much we can all learn from other people's experiences (and failures) so we don't have to repeat all the same mistakes by ourselves.

How I started practicing & teaching Yoga:
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What I practice and teach:
About Ashtanga Yoga

Don't let the challenges of teaching Yoga hold you back!

On my website I want to share my insights on what I have learned on my path from Yoga enthusiast and practitioner to full time Yoga teacher. I hope to inspire many eager Yoga enthusiasts to live their dream and share Yoga and all its benefits with others.

Over the years I was lucky to be involved in running Yoga schools and I have coached Yoga teachers on the business and financial side of being a Yoga teacher. Also friends, fellow Yogis and Yoga teachers inspired and taught me how to get going as a Yoga teacher. My experience from my corporate jobs has helped me immensely in coming up with business plans, financial planning, organization, setting up workshops etc. - things I see many Yoga teachers struggle with.

Every aspiring Yoga teacher will go through similar challenges. If we share our experiences with each other, everyone can benefit from each other. Then we won't have to all repeat the same mistakes or, even worse, give up on the way to becoming a Yoga teacher.

With each challenge we can grow and learn new things, every mistake we make teaches us a valuable lesson and brings us one step closer to success.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!
If you want to give me feedback or let me know what challenge YOU are facing right now, contact me here and I will get back to you!